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If you’re reading this page, odds are excellent that you are evaluating a relocation either because 1) you are thinking about taking a job offered by a company you have not worked for before 2) you are thinking about accepting a transfer with your current company and you are needing help in making the decision (and possibly the move) or 3) you are presently underemployed and are trying to see what resources are available to assist you in the event you decide to find more suitable employment elsewhere.

While The Source is primarily geared toward providing services to transferees of corporate clients, the services required or needed by an individual in relocating are generally the same whether the individual is relocating because of a company-paid transfer or because of an individual-paid relocation. Our experience has shown us that the most common difference between company-paid and individual-paid relocations is the utilization (or “non-utilization”) of temporary furnished housing. Because of its very high cost (It is designed to compete with the cost of a hotel stay.), most individual-paid relocations do not involve temporary furnished housing. Otherwise, the relocations look very much the same to us.

The services provided by The Source (along with our experience and expertise) are as available to individual-paid relocaters as to company-paid relocaters. We would like to make our resources available to you if you are moving on your own, without company help (or without enough company help), just the same as to our corporate transferees.

There are only two requirements that must be met by individuals in order to avail themselves of our FREE services. Just the same as corporate relocaters, our individual clients are required to 1) utilize our package of “core” services (except for the temporary furnished housing) and 2) contact The Source before and instead of making contact with individual service providers (such as REALTORS, apartment communities, movers, etc.).

Our services can best be compared to the services rendered by a travel agency. If you go through the travel agency to obtain your tickets and reservations, you are able to utilize the experience and expertise of the agent and the agent is paid by the service provider (airline, car rental agency, hotel, etc.). If you have already purchased your tickets and made your reservations yourself without the help of the agent, the agent will be unable to receive compensation and therefore is disinclined to offer you assistance. You’ve already “taken care of things.” Either way, the tickets and reservations cost the same. So it is with The Source.

We are compensated by our service providers for bringing clients to them, clients who need their services. If you contact the service providers yourself directly, then we did not make the connection with the service providers for you….They do not want to compensate us and….They will not permit us to participate in the transaction. Therefore, we are unable to give you the benefit of our experience and expertise, to advocate with those service providers on your behalf for special fees and services, to help with negotiations and/or claims resolution, or otherwise make the relocation go smoother, faster and easier for you and your family. Cutting out the “middleman” (The Source) in this case won’t make the service cost any less. It just means the service provider gets to keep more than anticipated, but you lose the opportunity to have The Source work on your behalf.

Just what are the services that The Source provides and why is there any advantage to you in utilizing them? Look at the page of our website labeled “Services Offered” and you’ll see. Our years in the field of relocation allow us to save you time, save you money and make your relocation (arguably one of the most stressful activities in which Americans participate – along with death of a spouse, divorce, and public speaking) LESS stressful. We do this by handling for you many of the mundane tasks of a relocation, by troubleshooting and by providing you with proven service providers (so that you don’t have to pick up the Yellow Pages or surf the Web, taking your chances with the “service provider du jour”). If one of our service providers doesn’t perform they lose our business: long term and immediately, because in most cases we can cancel your contract with them and place you with another service provider. (We’ve never had it do it since we started in 1992, but the threat, which is known to our service providers, keeps them performing at their best.)

Note to corporate transferees checking out our website: If you are considering a corporate relocation due to a promotion or a work location change and your HR Department suggested that you “get two quotes” on moving costs, REALTORS, etc. so that they can see what it is going to cost to move you, you may want to consider printing out the “Corporate Services” page of this website and handing it to your boss or the HR Manager so that she/he can see what type of FREE assistance is available to their relocating employees, assistance that will allow them to achieve a smoother, easier, less stressful relocation. Have him/her call us on our toll-free number, 866-253-5300, and we’ll be happy to fill him/her in on the benefits of our services!

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