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The Source for Relocation Services, Inc. (“The Source”) is a third-party relocation company located in Clearwater, FL with primary emphasis on providing corporations excellent assistance in managing the corporate relocation functions.

Our first concern is to keep employees’ productivity high by:

1. minimizing the amount of time required for the relocation, from initiation to integration in the new community,
2. performing efficiently for the employee many of the relocation tasks he/she would do inefficiently,
3. taking some of the stress out of the transfer, and
helping the family adjust to the move and the new location

while at the same time assisting the Human Resources department of the company by handling the additional tasks usually assigned to HR when a relocation is afoot.

We implement with the transferee(s) the company’s relocation policy that controls the transferee’s relocation. Many companies have multi-tiered policies depending upon the transferee’s position within the company. Generally, the higher the transferee’s position within the company (i.e. the more valuable the employee is to the company) the more liberal is the policy that applies to the transferee’s relocation.

With the exception of the four services explained below that apply to “buyout” programs (Appraisal Management, Inspection Services Management, Closing Services, and Corporate Inventory Management), our services are FREE to both the corporation and the transferee when the “core” services are used as a package. (The “core” services being: 1) search and selection of best REALTORS, 2) home marketing, 3) destination services, 4) temporary housing, and 5) professional moving of household goods.)

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This is possible because we are compensated by the service providers (REALTORS, movers, apartment communities, etc.) whose services we utilize, not unlike travel agencies. (The ticket price is the same whether you buy it direct or through a travel agency. But the travel agent can give you the benefit of his/her experience and expertise.) However, our client is, and always remains, the corporation whose employee we are helping to relocate. Our second concern is to provide the transferee with an exceptional relocation: exceptional because our experience and knowledge will make it smoother, easier and quicker than any he/she may have experienced before.

Our third concern is to deal honestly and forthrightly with our service providers who generally give us “above and beyond” service. They know that if they excel with our transferees we’ll likely call upon them again. That’s how they build profitable, flourishing businesses for themselves – giving excellent service. . .to us and our transferees!

The Source for Relocation Services, Inc. began in Indianapolis in 1992. Prior to starting The Source, our president himself had been corporately relocated twice, before entering the world of residential real estate in 1987. We understand the stress and emotions that are involved in corporate relocations! Since 1992, The Source has handled hundreds of relocations involving 38 of the 50 states and 8 foreign countries. Our focus today is on domestic relocations involving any of the 50 states. Obviously, many of our relocations do not involve our own state of operation on either the origination or destination end.

Past/current clients include: First National Bank of Chicago/National Bank of Detroit (FCNBD), National Starch and Chemical, The Morley Group, Mallory Controls, Novacare, Inc., Praxair Surface Technologies, Community Hospitals of Indianapolis, Duke Realty Corporation, Chastain-Skillman Engineering, Franciscan Sisters of Chicago Service Corporation, and many others.

The Source’s services can also be utilized by companies to aid in recruiting. The same services utilized by a transferee are utilized by a new recruit. In some instances, the new recruit may be a recent college graduate and the relocation assistance offered by the company may be minimal. However, in other instances the new recruit can be a highly prized and extremely valuable executive who may be favorably disposed to accept a proffered position if he/she knows that there will be professional assistance in relocating to the new work location.

In addition to the most frequently requested services that we offer (as shown on the “Services” page of this website), for companies who have or who desire to have some type of company “buyout” of the transferee’s (or new recruit’s) existing home, The Source offers these additional services (Fees are required for these services.):

  • Appraisal Management – The Source can arrange for the ERC appraisals necessary to purchase the transferee’s home at a price that is fair for both the transferee and the company.
  • Inspection Services Management – Prior to purchasing the transferee’s home the prudent corporation will have the home inspected from top to bottom so that any undisclosed flaws in the property can be discussed with the transferee and so that a complete disclosure can then be made by the corporation to the ultimate purchaser. This is important since the law holds the corporation to a higher standard of culpability as a more knowledgeable and sophisticated home seller.
  • Closing Services – When the time comes for the corporation to consummate the employee buyout, The Source will handle all the details and can arrange for the closing to take place in escrow so that neither the transferee nor a corporation officer will attend closing (losing even more productive time).
  • Corporate Inventory Management – Once the corporation owns the transferee’s home, it is time again to market it. It will also be necessary to insure that the home is maintained, that utilities are kept on, and that someone is overseeing the broker who is doing the marketing. The Source is in a much better position to do this than is the corporation.

The Source For Relocation Services, Inc.
Clearwater, Florida 33755
Tel: (866) 253-5300 24/7: (813) 380-8200

E-mail: [email protected]


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